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Vianna Franco Marco | Fellow Postdoctoral
2020-10-01 - 2021-09-30 | Research area: Other Sustainability Research
A History of Ecological Economic Thought

The project focuses on the development of a book manuscript which is under a recently signed contract with Routledge (delivery due on or before June 2022). Its aim is to provide a historical account of the development of a set of ideas referred to as ecological economic thought, i.e., a body of knowledge which deals with the interlinkages between ecology and economics, describing the latter by means of the analysis of the flows and stocks of energy and matter in complex socio-ecological systems, including their implications for the processes of social provisioning and cultural development. It entails a biophysical and (co-)evolutionary approach to economic science, as well as philosophical views on man-nature relations which are discussed in terms of nature as a source of value, moral aspects regarding natural resource distribution, and technological and behavioral transformations.