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Cooperative Event
Approaches to Evolution of Complex Systems
Joint Workshop Complexity Science Hub & IIASA & KLI
2016-11-10 9:00 - 2016-11-11 18:00
Complexity Science Hub & KLI
Organized by Stefan Thurner, Johannes Jaeger, Ulf Dieckmann, Manfred Laubichler

Topic description
Evolutionary processes pose fundamental challenges to a quantitative predictive understanding. One of the main reasons for this lack of predictability is the fact that the configuration space of evolving complex systems cannot be pre-stated. Dimensionality and boundary conditions change with every innovation. These systems incessantly explore what Kauffman has termed the adjacent possible. The need to rigorously understand evolutionary systems is bigger than ever before. Humanity as a whole is facing numerous complex challenges. Increased understanding of complex evolutionary dynamics will have wide implications for analysis and management of health, eco-systems, financial markets, societal change, and innovation in the economy.

The aim of this interdisciplinary workshop organized by the Complexity Science Hub Vienna, KLI Klosterneuburg, IIASA, and Arizona State University is to discuss progress in how to conceptualize, quantify, model, and manage the dynamics of evolving complex systems.