KLI Colloquia are informal, public talks that are followed by extensive dissussions. Speakers are KLI fellows or visiting researchers who are interested in presenting their work to an interdisciplinary audience and discussing it in a wider research context. We offer three types of talks:

1. Current Research Talks. KLI fellows or visiting researchers present and discuss their most recent research with the KLI fellows and the Vienna scientific community.

2. Future Research Talks. Visiting researchers present and discuss future projects and ideas togehter with the KLI fellows and the Vienna scientific community.

3. Professional Developmental Talks. Experts about research grants and applications at the Austrian and European levels present career opportunities and strategies to late-PhD and post-doctoral researchers.

  • The presentation language is English.
  • If you are interested in presenting your current or future work at the KLI, please contact the Scientific Director or the Executive Manager.

Event Details

KLI Colloquia
Chance, Necessity, and Teleology in the Evo-Engineering of the Vertebrate Body Plan
Alfonso MARTINEZ-ARIAS (University of Cambridge)
2016-11-22 16:30 - 2016-10-22 16:30
Organized by KLI

Topic description:
Using a synthetic system based on mouse Embryonic Stem cells, we have been able to recapitulate two key events of mammalian development: axial specification and elongation in culture. Surprisingly, and in contrast with the situation in the embryo, this happens in the absence of any input from tissues that interface with the mother. These observations lead to some considerations of how molecular and cellular systems interface in the specification and unfolding of axes in mammals.