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Jan Baedke
Ruhr University Bochum

Jan Baedke is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy I, Ruhr University Bochum. His research focuses on the history and philosophy of the life sciences (especially biology), and philosophical anthropology. He received his PhD in 2014. His thesis focused on conceptual issues related to causal explanation in epigenetics. Since then he has been a Visiting Scholar at the Centre for the Study of Life Sciences (Egenis, University of Exeter), the City University of New York (CUNY), and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). His current German Research Foundation (DFG) funded project is entitled ‘Extended Synthesis and Scientific Explanation: Challenges of Theoretical Expansion in Modern Biology’. It investigates the conceptual and methodological challenges going along with the current introduction of novel explanatory approaches in evolutionary theory by more developmentally oriented accounts, such as evo-devo, epigenetics, and niche construction theory. Other research interests concern anthropological issues in the biosciences, the role of the visual in the sciences, and current trends towards commodification of research.