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Philipp Mitteroecker
University of Vienna

Philipp Mitteroecker is a theoretical biologist and evolutionary biologist with strong interests in human and animal evolution, evolutionary medicine, biological anthropology, statistics, and the philosophy of science.

He has studied the development and evolution of human and primate anatomy, including the individual variation and perception of human faces, with medical applications to orthodontics. He is particularly interested in the interaction of developmental, environmental, and evolutionary processes. Another current research focus is on human childbirth: an evolutionary conundrum involving biological, environmental, and sociocultural dynamics.

He is fascinated by the analysis of complex biological data, including morphological, behavioral, and genetic data. He has contributed to modern morphometrics, the statistical analysis of biological form, as well as to multivariate biostatistics and quantitative genetics.

He is teaching morphometrics, statistics, theoretical and evolutionary biology at the University of Vienna and the University of Graz, and he is president of the KLI Institute for Evolution & Cognition Research.