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Turriziani Federica | Fellow Visitor
2014-05-15 - 2014-06-30 | Research area: History of Biology
History of Experiments Performed at the Intersection Between Evolution, Development, and Environment in the Early 20th Century in Vienna
My research focuses on the history (1890s-1940s) of the institutional relationships between southern European marine laboratories, including the zoological station in Trieste, Italy, the Vivarium in Vienna, Austria, and the Zoological station in Naples, Italy. I aim to understand (1) how the Trieste institution influenced the establishment of the Vivarium and, conversely, how the Vivarium influenced the Trieste institution research projects; (2) what was the network of scholars working between the Trieste institution and the Vivarium in the first four decades of the 20th century and what their research projects were; (3) what experiments were the Vienna-based researchers conducting at the Zoological Station in Naples in the 1890s-1940s. I expect to find that the research projects in these southern European institutions included experiments on the raise of variation as a causal explanation for evolutionary and developmental phenomena.