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Eronen Markus | Fellow Visitor
2017-03-22 - 2017-03-25 | Research area: Philosophy of Biology
New Perspectives on Levels of Organization in Biology

The idea of levels of organization is ubiquitous in biology, but has proven to be difficult to analyze or formulate in detail. The proposed visit to the KLI in March 2017 is a part of a larger project that aims at developing a deflationary and heuristic theory of levels of organization. The guiding idea of this project is that the main role of the levels concept is to provide guidance and tools for scientific research, and not to delineate ontological categories in nature. The aim of the visit is (1) to present this account of levels to the interdisciplinary audience at KLI, thus subjecting it to discussion and critical feedback, and (2) to work on two papers related to this project with Daniel Brooks, who is currently a fellow at the KLI. The interdisciplinary environment of KLI would provide a unique opportunity to discuss and develop my work, helping to make it accessible and relevant for both scientists and philosophers.