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Taga Gentaro | Fellow Visitor
2018-01-08 - 2018-03-31 | Research area: Cognition and Sociality
Developmental Dynamics of Human Brain and Behavior

Recent progress on human brain imaging has revealed the developmental processes for the morphogenesis of the macroanatomical structure and the complex network generation in embryo and fetus. Physiological and behavioral studies on human infants have also shown that the metabolism, blood flow and neural activity undergo drastic changes after birth and the sensorimotor and cognitive behaviors emerge from the interaction with the changing environment. While such empirical data in human development have been accumulated, few studies have tried to construct a theoretical framework that links the human brain development with emergence of behaviors over the long time scale from embryo to infant. In the present study, an integral theory of the human brain development in terms of energy production, morphogenesis and information creation is constructed. To do this, I will study different types of dynamical system’s theories for pattern formation, neural activity, metabolic changes, network, and information.