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Liu Rongkun | Writing-Up Fellow
2021-09-01 - 2022-10-14 | Research area: Sustainability Research
Citizen-powered Knowledge Hybridization: Producing Situated Resilience for Mountain Communities

My KLI project will focus on three manuscripts targeted for journal publication. In the first two, tentatively entitled “Knowledge, Knowledge Engagement, and Community Resilience in Complex Socio-ecological Systems,” and “Political Economy and Ecology of Resilience in Mountain Farming Communities: Making Decisions For or Against Changes in the Arun Valley, Nepal,” I aim to challenge, critique and refine the theoretical basis of my research and seek to inform a truly engaged environmental anthropology from theories into actions at the sciencesociety interface. The perspective of situatedness in resilience, or situated resilience, as a result of knowledge hybridization through situated learning will be probed through a case study of mountain communities in the Arun Valley, Nepal, based on my year-long environmental social scientific study of the valley as a designated socio-ecological system. The third manuscript, tentatively entitled “Citizen-powered Knowledge Hybridization: Outcomes, Potentials, and Reflections for Community Resilience Building,” will examine the degree to which hybrid knowledge is made possible and the ways in which this process of knowledge hybridization works to increase community resilience. The analysis will be based on the results of a quasinatural experiment that employs citizen-powered techniques in co-producing resiliencerelevant knowledge endorsed by both professional scientists and local knowledge holders.