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Lambert Lauren | Writing-Up Fellow
2022-10-15 - 2023-04-14 | Research area: Sustainability Research
Cultivating Coherence in Sustainability: Social, Futures, and Ecological Empathy

My work at KLI will constitute a final synthesis across the three studies of my dissertation. From the perspective constructionism, I will articulate the significance of cognitive bias in limiting coherence across social groups, time, and species. I will situate practice (Ortner 1984; Bourdieu 1977) and imagination at the theoretical core of my work on enabling human collaborative potential (Anderson 1991; Harari 2014). Then, I will articulate how cognitive biases limit imaginative potential and connection across difference in decision making environments in ways that stifle collaboration for sustainability. Expanding from the history of the concept of empathy (Wispé 1987), which was born among the aesthetics, I will move from the historical and evolutionary perspective of intra-group empathy (Waal 2009) toward a perspective of inter-group social (E. A. Segal 2011), inter-generational futures and inter-species ecological empathy. In making this move, my synthesis work at KLI will retheorize empathy as foundational to circumventing cognitive bias and increasing coherence between people, time horizons, and species, in the Anthropocene.