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Rütten Alfred | Other
2023-07-18 - 2023-07-21 | Research area: Sustainability Research
Transdisciplinary research and its scientific impact: Insights and implications from health research and sustainability research on interconnected health-environmental challenges, collaborative approaches, and structural development in science

Alfred will be working on the Project “Transdisciplinary Research and its Scientific Impact” supported by the tdAcademy. The project aims on advancing the study of the interface between sustainability research and health research in participatory and collaborative research, which has been little researched so far. The group seeks to strengthen transdisciplinary approaches through conducting a systematic inventory of existing research at the aforementioned interface in order to gain a better empirically based understanding of the scientific effects of transdisciplinary research in this field. In doing so, the group hopes to gain new insights regarding both the methodological and theoretical advancement of transdisciplinary research.