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Help for Ukraine: Science Alliance for Ukraine

The KLI has been involved in several initiatives supporting researchers affected by the war in Ukraine. In collaboration with scientists overseas, we have created a website collecting academic and research positions offered specifically to those leaving their country and looking to continue their work abroad.

We are now reaching out to you to contribute in two possible ways:

1. If you are able to offer help in the form of grants, positions, lab space, desk, or any other type of support to students, researcher and lab staff, please complete this form and enter your offer into a collective database:

2. Please share this website with your network, to make sure it reaches those in need. It contains a searchable database of over 2000 offerings across Europe, Asia and the Americas, available to all levels of academics and scholars.

The world has come together to help refugees land in countries providing a safe environment, but it is now crucial to focus on long-term support for continuing research by a worldwide cooperation of science.

Thanks for your help!