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The KLI is open to the public again!
Announcing the 2022 Fall-Winter KLI Colloquium Series!

After years of pandemic closure, the KLI colloquium will be open to the public this term. Some of the colloquium talks (Thursdays 3PM) will still be hosted as hybrid online meetings, so please subscribe to our newsletter and check our event calendar to ensure that you receive the latest information and zoom links.

The colloquium will start on October 20th with a book symposium on the recently published A History of Ecological Economic Thought by Marco P. Vianna Franco and his coauthor Antoine Missemer. Then, on Nov 3rd, Cristina Villegas will talk about Evolutionary Propensities and their Evolution. Save the date for our senior fellow Eörs Szathmáry's talk on Nov 17th. The following week, Nov 24th, Isabella Sarto-Jackson will present her new book in our second book symposium: The Making and Breaking of Minds. External faculty Roberto Cazzolla Gatti will talk about his work on the first day of Dec, followed by Orsolya Bajer-Molnár on Dec 6th. The final book symposium, Jan 19th, is about Federica Russo's exciting new publication: Techno-Scientific Practices: An Informational Approach.

The poster can be downloaded here or by clicking the image below.