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Lab Excursion: Cognitive science students visit the KLI

Students of the Middle European interdisciplinary master’s programme in Cognitive Science (MEi:CogSci) at the University of Vienna visited the KLI on the 25th of October to learn more about the diverse research happening here. 

After Isabella Sarto-Jackson welcomed the students, the KLI fellows introduced their work and projects to the Cognitive Science master students. Alejandro Villanueva spoke on Social Affordances in the Transmission and Evolution of Music, Enrico Petracca presented on Embodied Rationality: Normative and Evolutionary Foundations, Marina Knickel shared her research on Knowledge integration in the theory and practice of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration in the agri-food and social-ecological research, Hari Sridhar on The place of science and scientists in conservation decision-making in India, Joyshree Chanam on Effects of Climate Change on Food Plants and Ludo Schoenmakers on The Origins of Evolution

A day before the lab visit, Isabella Sarto-Jackson gave a lecture on “Epistemogenesis: Knowledge Accumulation in Biological Systems” as part of the MEi:CogSci Lecture Series at the University of Vienna followed by a fruitful discussions with the students.

Organized by Isabella Sarto-Jackson, the Lab visit enabled thought provoking discussions with the students and brought the University of Vienna and the KLI together.