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Welcoming Elis Jones to the KLI

We are very happy to welcome our new Post-Doctoral Fellow Elis Jones here at the KLI. Elis had earlier come to the KLI as a Visitor Fellow for three months (April-June) in 2022. Since then, he has been awarded a PhD degree in Sociology from Exeter University’s Egenis Centre in October 2023 for his thesis, “Understanding the role of value in coral reef science”, which delves into the value attributed to coral reefs by scientists. For his dissertation, Elis employed both empirical and conceptual methods such as conducting interviews with coral scientists, qualitatively analysing datasets, and engaging with scientific literature to produce a socio-ecological understanding of coral science as a discipline, as well as the diverse roles that different forms of value play within it.

Here at the KLI, Elis’s post-doc project, “Theorising the Blue Economy: Connecting Economic, Ecological and Epistemic Value in Coral Reef Research”, aims to integrate the scientific and ecological significance of reef ecosystems into the emerging concept of 'blue economics’ in order to provide tools for understanding and articulating the diverse values of living systems beyond solely economic considerations. This is particularly important given growing economic and ecological pressures on marine systems (the ‘blue acceleration’).

Elis’s work is interdisciplinary, drawing insights from philosophy, sociology, science and technology studies (STS), and ecology. He has also worked closely with scientists and engaged with the public, by organising, attending and speaking at events with marine and social scientists, philosophers, arts and humanities scholars, the general public, and school children.

Elis starts his post-doctoral fellowship on 1 May 2024. Here’s wishing him a happy and fruitful stay at the KLI!