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Relativism in the Philosophy of Science

Virtual KLI Colloquium: Martin KUSCH (University of Vienna), 16 June 2020, 5.00 pm. [br] To join our online colloquium please register with Zoom. [br] Deadline for the registration: 3 pm on the day of the talk—no admission in the room after 5:05 pm!


Remembering Werner Callebaut through his books

Six years ago, we lost Werner Callebaut, philosopher of the life sciences and long-serving scientific director of the KLI. In his memory, we laid out an exhibition of his vast literary collection.


Report from the 2nd meeting of the KLI working group: Evolutionary theory for social-ecological change

Raf Jansen documents the working group's five-day stay at the KLI in pictures.


Report: 41st Altenberg Workshop in Theoretical Biology Sociocultural EvoDevo, on Cultural Neurobiological Inheritance Systems (CNIS) 18-21 June 2024

The 41st Altenberg Workshop in Theoretical Biology, with the theme Sociocultural EvoDevo: Cultural Neurobiological Inheritance Systems (CNIS) was held at the KLI, Klosterneuburg Austria, from 18-21 June 2024. This workshop was organised by Isabella Sarto-Jackson (KLI) and Daniel O. Larson (California State University). It brought together world-renowned scholars from multiple fields including neurobiology, anthropology, evolutionary developmental biology, social psychology and human development.


Report: The 4th Meeting of the Vienna Science Studies Laboratory at Das Cafe

The 4th Meeting of the Vienna Science Studies Laboratory was held yesterday afternoon in the cozy ambience of Das Café in Vienna. The paper that was selected for this reading group’s discussion was Kelly et al. 2014 (The integration of social, behavioral, and biological mechanisms in models of pathogenesis). In a lively discussion, most participants contributed interesting points on various aspects of the paper, especially around the concepts of ‘lifeworlds’ and 'mixed mechanisms' in explaining diseases. (Click on title to read more on this report!)


Report: The 5th Meeting of the Vienna Science Studies Laboratory

The 5th Meeting of the Vienna Science Studies Laboratory was held yesterday afternoon in the cool ambience of Das Café in Vienna. The paper that was selected for this reading group’s discussion was Anderson, W., 2004. Natural histories of infectious disease: Ecological vision in twentieth-century biomedical science. Osiris, 19, pp.39-61.


Representations, Fictions and Artefacts: Modeling Genetic Circuits

KLI Colloquium: Tarja KNUUTTILA (University of Vienna), 5 March, 5.00 pm.


Research Blog: Parkinson’s disease, affordances, and networks

To better understand certain phenomena in brain disorders such as Parkinson's disease, Marco Treven argues that we need to look beyond the brain.


Resilience knowledge in action or resilience actions in knowledge?

KLI fellow Rongkun Liu's knowledge-to-action projects in China illustrate how hybrid knowledge systems can enhance community resilience to socio-ecological changes.


Rethinking Cancer with Bernhard Strauss

Bernhard Strauss, co-editor of Rethinking Cancer: a New Paradigm for the Postgenomics Era, talks about theory change, the KLI Altenberg workshop, highlights of the book chapters, and exciting new steps.


Rethinking Cybernetics in Contemporary Theoretical Biology

Project Presentation: Flavia FABRIS (University of Exeter), 4 December 2018, 3.00 pm


Rethinking Human Evolution

New book of The Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology by Jeffrey H. Schwartz. Contributors from a range of disciplines consider the disconnect between human evolutionary studies and the rest of evolutionary biology.


Revisting Laland et al. 2015 - an interview of Kevin Lala by Hari Sridhar

What lies behind the making of a scientific paper that challenges the very foundations of a field? In a candid interview with Hari Sridhar, Kevin Lala tells the back story of one such paper "The extended evolutionary synthesis: its structure, assumptions and predictions" published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B in 2015, and reflects on the paper's influence today, nearly 10 years after it was published. Read this interview on the Reflections on Papers Past website, which is a treasure trove of fantastic conversations with authors of well-known and influential papers in the field of Ecology and Evolution. (Click on title to continue.)


ROTO Lecture: Laura Menatti on Salutogenic Environments

Laura Menatti has been invited to give a talk for the ROTO lecture series, evaluating on the concept of salutogenic environments for medicine and healthcare.


Round Table on Darwinian Agriculture

Round table & mini science camp with George PERRY (Penn State University) about human evolution and ecological impacts of human activity.


Round Table on Historical, Philosophical, and Interdisciplinary Writing and Publishing

Join us for the panel discussion at the ISHPSSB Meeting 2019 in Oslo: Wednesday, 10 July 9.00 am – 10.30 am


Salutogenesis: A New Approach to Understand Health-Environment Interactions?

Laura MENATTI (KLI), 2024-04-04 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


Save the dates! Announcing the 2023 spring-summer colloquium series

The 2023 spring-summer KLI Colloquium series will resume in March, with a great line-up of speakers from the KLI and beyond.


Save the dates! Announcing the 2023-24 fall-winter colloquium series

The 2023-24 fall-winter KLI colloquium series will resume in October with a great line-up of speakers.


Schrödinger’s What is Life? 75 Years On

KLI "Current Research Talk" by Daniel NICHOLSON (KLI): 8 October 2019, 5.00 pm