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Integrating evolution and social-ecological systems, in theory

A new paper from the KLI working group brings together social-ecological systems research and evolutionary theory with the aim of building a more integrated and effective science for sustainability.


Structure, Collective Action, and Gestaltung: The Science and Art of Transdisciplinarity and Its Scientific Impact

Alfred RÜTTEN (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg), 2023-11-30 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


New paper: A new concept for social-ecological niche construction and its sustainability

A new article co-authored by Guido Caniglia combines niche construction theory with social-ecological systems science to better understand the relationships between sociocultural and environmental co-evolutionary processes that have led to the current planetary crisis.


Socio-Epistemic and Material Pathways to Novelty and Innovation

Markus PESCHL (University of Vienna), 2023-11-23 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


Searching for the Boundaries of Brain Circuit Disorders

Marco TREVEN (Medical University of Vienna), 2023-11-16 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


Lab Excursion: Cognitive science students visit the KLI

Students of the Middle European interdisciplinary master’s programme in Cognitive Science (MEi:CogSci) at the University of Vienna visited the KLI.


New interdisciplinary project: Climate adaption strategies across the EU horizon

Several KLI fellows have come together in summer 2023 to work on an interdisciplinary project on climate adaption strategies funded by the Social Science & Humanities for Climate, Energy and Transport Research Excellence (SSH Centre).


Cognitive Science Students Visit the KLI Theory Lab

Visit to the KLI Theory Lab – 25 Oct, 2.00 – 5.00 pm


Challenges Towards a Truly Inclusive Research Culture: Realisations from a Feminist Science Media Project in India

Aashima DOGRA (independent science communicator), 2023-10-19 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


The 40th Altenberg Workshop: Directionality in Genomics and Macroevolution

Recently, the KLI hosted the 40th Altenberg Workshop in Theoretical Biology entitled "Directionality in Genomics and Macroevolution", organised by Laura Nuno de la Rosa, Craig Lowe, Adi Livnat and Beckett Sterner.


Welcoming Ludo Schoenmakers to the KLI

Schoenmakers’ project “The Origins of Evolution” examines the application of evolutionary theory to the origin and early development of life.


Save the dates! Announcing the 2023-24 fall-winter colloquium series

The 2023-24 fall-winter KLI colloquium series will resume in October with a great line-up of speakers.


Extrapolating Animal Consciousness

Tudor BAETU (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Canada), 2023-10-03 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


Conferences: Travelling ideas

The KLI fellows and team travelled to lots of conferences this summer, sharing insights from their research and discussing promising new endeavours with the international community.


Vienna Science Studies Lab

The Vienna Science Studies Lab reading group continues and the lab will be expanded, hosting meetings on works in progress to enable constructive feedback.


New Book: Properties of Life: Toward a Theory of Organismic Biology

The new addition to the Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology from the MIT Press is a coherent and comprehensive theory of life that synthesizes the specific properties of living organisms.


Biological Theory’s September issue is out

The editors summarize issue 18(3)—which includes a debate on the evolution of consciousness and a new look at the role of abiotic stressors on immune systems—out this month, with free reading links for articles.


Will the Real Hans Asperger Please Stand Up? –Letters from the Round Table

Dean FALK (Florida State University,Tallahassee, USA), 2023-09-21 15:00 (CET). This colloquium will take place in person (no virtual participation possible).


Welcoming Enrico Petracca to the KLI

Enrico Petracca’s project “Embodied Rationality: Normative and Evolutionary Foundations” introduces a novel naturalistic perspective on rationality, called "embodied rationality".


Welcoming Daniel Stadtmauer to the KLI

Stadtmauer’s project “The Developmental Evolutionary Basis of Tissue Type” aims to develop a theory for the developmental-evolutionary concept of "tissue type".