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3rd AWTB
Picture Gallery
Altenberg Workshop
Evolution of Cognition
3rd Altenberg Workshop in Theoretical Biology
1998-08-16 18:00 - 1998-08-19 12:30
KLI for Evolution and Cognition Research, Altenberg, Austria
Organized by Cecilia Heyes, Ludwig Huber, and Adolf Heschl

Program: PROLEGOMENA Robert J. Richards The Linguistic Creation of Man, or the Missing Link in 19th Century Evolutionary Theory OVERVIEW Cecilia Heyes Questions about the Evolution of Cognition M.E. Bitterman Cognitive Evolution: A Psychological Perspective ECOLOGY & PHYLOGENY Sara J. Shettleworth Modularity, Specialization and the Evolution of Cognition Ludwig Huber The Evolution of Cognition: 25 Years after "the Mirror" SPATIAL MEMORY Nicola S. ClaytonMemory and the avian hippocampus: Food-caching birds as a model system Daniel C. DennettIntelligence and Cultural Evolution CONSCIOUSNESS Nicholas K. Humphrey The Privatization of Sensation Euan M. MacPhail The search for a mental Rubicon IMPRINTING Patrick P.G. Bateson What do we need to know in order to understand imprinting? Adolf HeschlImprinting and the nature of learning ABSTRACTION Juan Delius Equivalence relations in concept learning by pigeons Nicholas J. Mackintosh Abstract Rules and Abstract Representations CAUSALITY Duane M. Rumbaugh Cause-Effect Reasoning - Brain, Rearing, and Emergents Anthony Dickinson Causal Cognition and Goal-Directed Action LANGUAGE Terrence W. Deacon Friedhart Klix Evolutionary impacts on the imprinting of learning mechanisms and language development MENTALITY Bernd Heinrich Problem-solving by raven Louis Lefebvre The origin and cultural transmission of feeding innovations in birds SOCIAL LEARNING & CULTURE Peter J. Richerson Michael Tomasello Cumulative Cultural Evolution THEORY OF MIND Kim Sterelny Primate Worlds Robin I.M. Dunbar The Social Brain and the Evolution of Culture